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We carry two types of pickleballs.

Outdoor Onix Pickleballs.

The Outdoor Onix Pickleball is the BEST ball on the market.  It last longer than all the other balls in the market.  Players use the Onix ball on the outdoor surface mainly but some like to play with it indoors on hardwood too.

  • Used primarily for outdoor pickleball play or baseball batting practice.
  • Symmetrical holes are better for flight.
  • Available in Yellow, Orange and White.  Most outdoor communities prefer yellow.
  • Hard plastic balls are more durable than any other balls.
  • Seemless design for longevity.
  • Made in China
  • Pickleballs break so there are no refunds or exchanges!

Indoor Jug Balls. Available in White and Green

  • Primarily used for indoor play on gym surfaces.
  • Can be used for outdoors if desired.
  • Please note these balls cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • *Colors vary based on availability


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