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Composite Encore Blade Paddle

Encore Blade Composite Pickleball Paddle

If you want reach, you want the Encore Blade! This paddle stretches to a giant 17”, which is the maximum length allowed by the USAPA. Reach isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy with this high level paddle, however. You’ll find the same skin used on the standard Encore covering the face, providing you with enhanced texture for spin and lots of pop. The ControlPro core allow you to angle every shot with ease and master the net game. 

The Encore Blade has a slim 6-1/2” width with a corresponding small grip. The weight varies from 7.9 – 8.3 oz, giving you power when needed but staying light enough so you can react at the net. The handle is 5 1/8” long, giving you plenty of room to adjust your grip during play, unlike other long paddles on the market. 

The Encore Blade from Engage is a unique paddle that sets the standard for length and control.

    ** Above Information are approximate measurements and weights only. 
    *Most paddles ship within 24 hours



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