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Gamma Limited Edition Graphite Pink Voltage Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Limited Edition Pink Voltage Pickleball Paddle

The Gamma Limited Edition Pink Voltage Pickleball Paddle has the same, high-tech features as the original Gamma Voltage Paddle except with a fun, pink twist. For a limited time, the electric green hue on the paddle’s face is replaced with vibrant fuchsia in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The word “VOLTAGE” has been recolored pink, as well as the background of the paddle’s face. A Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon is placed underneath the text on the paddle. Gamma paid exquisite attention to detail on this paddle; even the band at the top of the grip has pink lettering instead of green.

The Gamma Limited Edition Pink Voltage Pickleball Paddle is a great graphite paddle with a Nomex core, which provides the strongest and hardest hitting surface. This paddle’s face is a nice, wide 8” and the paddle has an overall length of 15-4/5”. The medium weight of this paddle, 7.7 to 8.1 ounces, is a great weight to provide both power and control. The handle has a length of 5-1/8” with a grip circumference of 4-1/8”.

The Gamma Limited Edition Pink Voltage Pickleball Paddle is the perfect way to how your support of breast cancer awareness.

 Limited Edition Pink Voltage Graphite Pickleball Paddle Technical Specifications
Weight Average: 7.8 ounces
Weight Range: 7.7-8.0 ounces  
Grip Circumference: 4 1/8”  
Grip Tack: Medium
Grip Style: Cushion, perforated, ribbed, stitched
Grip Manufacturer: Gamma Ultra Cushion Contour
Grip Length: 5 1/8"
Paddle Length: 15.6”
Paddle Width: 8-1/4"”
Paddle Face Finish: Graphite
Core Material: Nomex honeycomb
Manufacturer: Gamma
Made in China

Pickleball Maniac has a one year warrantee on every paddle we sell. That is a promise from us because we stand behind every paddle we sell. If you bought a paddle from us and if the paddle core has gone soft or the shell has cracked, not due to abuse, we will replace the paddle with the same paddle or one of your choice of similar price*. If you choose one at a higher price just pay the difference.
Pickleball Maniac has a 12 day paddle swap. If you bought a paddle from us after we recommended it to you just send it back and we will swap it out for another paddle*** Why do we want to do this? We want you to have the right paddle for how YOU play.
*You must pay for shipping of paddle to us for inspection but we will pay to ship new paddle if we determine paddle is to be replaced. Wear to grip or damage to edge guard is not included in this offer.
***If paddle has not been damaged in any way.
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