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Graphite PRO-LITE Blaster

Blaster Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Blaster Graphite has an extra-wide paddle face that competitive players love. The big paddle face of 8” and a handle of 5” long make this paddle a favorite at pickleball tournaments. Superb construction by manufacturer Pro-Lite Sports and a great balanced feel put this paddle in a class with some of the very best paddles on the market. 

The Graphite Blaster comes in one medium grip size which most players find fits their hand well. This new version of the Blaster with updated graphics offers a bit more cushioning thanks to the wider circumference of the grip compared to the previous model. 

The Blaster Graphite Pickleball Paddle is a crowd pleaser and is sure to be loved far into the future.Blaster paddle. The Blaster paddle is made in the USA.


Pickleball Maniac. We offer top quality paddles with a 2 year guarantee. Custom designed tees, tanks and more for players who play the best and fastest growing sport in America. Proceeds from sales at PickleballManiac.com go to growing pickleball in the state of Virginia through VirginiaPickleball.org.


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