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P7 Paddletek Outdoor Pickleball

The P7 Outdoor Pickleball was created with the most exacting standards in mind to develop a ball that would play reliably after countless games. The finished product is rarely if ever expected to go out of round thanks to its superior manufacturing and strategically placed holes, which are accurate down to the micron!

The P7 Outdoor Pickleball comes in a brilliant fluorescent yellow which is easier to see when it catches the light in both dusky and bright conditions. It weighs .89 oz and has a slightly soft feel to it. Please note that the P7 is seamed, but is made to hold up on harder surfaces like any other outdoor ball.

P7 Outdoor Pickleball technical specifications
Weight: 26 grams
Diameter: 2.91 inches
Bounce from 34 inches
Balls are embossed with logo, name and Made in U.S.A.
32 holes

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