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With the help of 6 time Nationals Open champion, Enrique Ruiz, we believe we have developed the best Selkirk paddle yet. We used the same great PowerCore technology and graphite face found on our standard Epic 30P. However, we made the Enrique Signature paddle to be a little more head heavy to increase the average weight to 7.8oz. This extra weight gives the paddle extra power and a more solid feel. We also replaced our standard Selkirk grip with Enrique’s preference, the Contour Grip. The extra weight combined with the graphite face will give you extra control on your dink game while allowing you to absorb hard volleys at the line. Because of the polymer core and adjusted balance point, you will have all the power you need to put the ball away when you want to and where you want it.

  • Polymer PowerCore™ Technology
  • Graphite Surface Layer
  • Screenprinted Surface
  • Contour Grip
  • Durable Edge Guard
  • USAPA Tested and Approved for Tournament Play
  • Made in Beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
    Technical Specifications
    Paddle Dimensions
    • Paddle Width: 8:0"
    • Paddle Height: 15.75"
    • Handle Length: 5.25"
    • Handle Circumference: 4.25"
    • Average Weight Range: 7.6oz-8.0oz
    • ** Above Information are approximate measurements and weights only.
    Selkirk has a lifetime warranty on all their paddles. Click here for more information. 
    Pickleball Maniac has a one year warrantee on every paddle we sell. That is a promise from us because we stand behind every paddle we sell. If you bought a paddle from us and if the paddle core has gone soft or the shell has cracked, not due to abuse, we will replace the paddle with the same paddle or one of your choice of similar price*. If you choose one at a higher price just pay the difference.
    Pickleball Maniac has a 12 day paddle swap. If you bought a paddle from us after we recommended it to you just send it back and we will swap it out for another paddle*** Why do we want to do this? We want you to have the right paddle for how YOU play.
    *You must pay for shipping of paddle to us for inspection but we will pay to ship new paddle if we determine paddle is to be replaced. Wear to grip or damage to edge guard is not included in this offer.
    ***If paddle has not been damaged in any way.


    Pickleball Maniac. We offer top quality paddles with a 2 year guarantee. Custom designed tees, tanks and more for players who play the best and fastest growing sport in America. Proceeds from sales at PickleballManiac.com go to growing pickleball in the state of Virginia through VirginiaPickleball.org.


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